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  1. Learning Python

    I have taken the plunge, and decided to learn my first computer language: Python.

    I am doing so with Learn Python the Hard Way. So far it seems to suit my learning style, well. From what I understand, it is designed to take someone from complete beginner, through to being ...

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  2. Shifting Hosts

    It is official!

    I no longer have any websites hosted on Hostgator. Instead all of my websites and email, are on virtual private servers (VPS). So I am now responsible for everything, from the operating systems up, (or down, depending on how you look at it) to the sites/email ...

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  3. Mezzanine

    Since the last post here, when I was considering shifting to Pelican, for this blog; I looked a little further.

    Currently I have started a test system with Mezzanine, which like Pelican is written in Python. Unlike Pelican though, it is a dynamic web content system, similar to wordpress. I ...

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  4. Python Pelican

    In search of a static site generator, I have recently discovered Pelican, which is Python based. I like it a lot. It functions a lot like a CMS, but generates static pages, so you don't need a database, nor does it require PHP, which for relevant or otherwise reasons ...

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  5. TeX LyX LaTeX

    Since this blog has converted to Pelican, using reStructuredText files, this post doesn't currently demonstrate, what it says it does.

    The typesetting word-processor is here. I have had an exciting discovery in the world of Linux and free software. For awhile now, I have been aware of LaTeX, which ...

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  6. NAS


    Over the last month or so I have built a NAS (network attached storage) server. For the operating system I have used Open Media Vault, which is built on Debian Squeeze (stable 6). Initially my intention was to use it as a music server and RAID backup for my other ...

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  7. Current views on Linux


    As my experience with Linux develops. The way I view it, and use it evolves. When I first started using Linux, it was as much for the novelty factor as anything. I liked the idea that it was free, and had a range of software that cost nothing to install ...

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  8. Desktop Linux

    There has been some interesting debate on my local Linux users mailing list in the past few days. Just added my bit to the conversation, and thought I would re-post it here:

    It is with interest that I have been reading the debate on Unity and open source software recently ...

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