Since the last post here, when I was considering shifting to Pelican, for this blog; I looked a little further.

Currently I have started a test system with Mezzanine, which like Pelican is written in Python. Unlike Pelican though, it is a dynamic web content system, similar to wordpress. I currently run three wordpress sites, including this blog, (I have already shifted one additional site to Pelican, and another couple to straight, hand written HTML/CSS static sites) and now think that Mezzanine will be a good replacement for the remaining wordpress sites.

There is a steep learning curve with Mezzanine, which is built on top of the Django stack, so I expect to spend the winter developing the skills, before swapping things over. My goal is to get away from using PHP completely. Shifting to Mezzanine will do the bulk of that, However I also have a PHPBB forum, that is going to be a bigger challenge to shift from.