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  1. The Pelican has Landed

    Almost a year after writting about the discovery of the static site generator, Pelican; I have today redeployed this blog on Pelican.

    It has taken quite some time to import the Wordpress installation into Pelican, and not without some teething problems. Mostly due to the importation being into reStructured templates ...

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  2. Learning Python

    I have taken the plunge, and decided to learn my first computer language: Python.

    I am doing so with Learn Python the Hard Way. So far it seems to suit my learning style, well. From what I understand, it is designed to take someone from complete beginner, through to being ...

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  3. Acidic Coffee

    What is it with acidic coffee in New Zealand? The only decent non acidic coffee I have ever been able to find here has been Lavazza. A few months ago, Lavazza changed distributor. The new distributor has discontinued the espresso that we have been happily drinking for several years, with ...

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  4. Shifting Hosts

    It is official!

    I no longer have any websites hosted on Hostgator. Instead all of my websites and email, are on virtual private servers (VPS). So I am now responsible for everything, from the operating systems up, (or down, depending on how you look at it) to the sites/email ...

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  5. Mezzanine

    Since the last post here, when I was considering shifting to Pelican, for this blog; I looked a little further.

    Currently I have started a test system with Mezzanine, which like Pelican is written in Python. Unlike Pelican though, it is a dynamic web content system, similar to wordpress. I ...

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  6. Python Pelican

    In search of a static site generator, I have recently discovered Pelican, which is Python based. I like it a lot. It functions a lot like a CMS, but generates static pages, so you don't need a database, nor does it require PHP, which for relevant or otherwise reasons ...

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