1. Musical Taste

    When I was teaching music in schools, the first question I would ask new students was "what type of music do you like?". Invariably the response was all types of music, to which, I would respond that no one likes all types of music.

    Personally, I like a wide variety ...

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  2. More adventures in Linux and the audio studio

    Having pondered the inevitable upgrade, to my production studio, from Debian old stable (Squeeze), to Debian stable (Wheezy). I finally bit the bullet. It wasn’t without apprehension, though. My system was absolutely rock solid, and did everything to spec. It was time though, and Gnome2 is no longer a ...

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  3. TeX LyX LaTeX

    Since this blog has converted to Pelican, using reStructuredText files, this post doesn't currently demonstrate, what it says it does.

    The typesetting word-processor is here. I have had an exciting discovery in the world of Linux and free software. For awhile now, I have been aware of LaTeX, which ...

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  4. Snow

    We had a good start to winter, with some snow. And since the city comes to a stand still when it snows, it was a good opportunity to take the camera out.

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  5. Two Perspectives on Photography

    Using the source photos that I took in the States last year, I have made same comparison samples of yester-years black and white photography, with todays colour and HDR, or tone mapped photography. Below are side by side, or rather top and bottom comparisons, of the two distinctly different approaches ...

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  6. Soap Making

    Whilst in America, in September. We stopped in the town of Pagosa Springs, Colorado, one day, and did the touristy thing, of walking around the shops. In one of the shops we were given a sample of a goats milk soap, which we bought home to use. This sample piqued ...

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  7. NAS


    Over the last month or so I have built a NAS (network attached storage) server. For the operating system I have used Open Media Vault, which is built on Debian Squeeze (stable 6). Initially my intention was to use it as a music server and RAID backup for my other ...

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